Hey Therapists! I will help you build a thriving private practice.

I'm Alison Maslin-Maratos, a therapist, business owner, and coach.

I was in your shoes. I walked in them and stumbled in them. There were sleepless nights, endless research and a ridiculous amount of spinning my wheels during my first days (and years) as a therapist in private practice.

I knew how to be a therapist—but a business owner? That's a different ballgame.

I wished so badly for someone to show me the way. Someone who could walk me through the steps to take my practice from being to thriving.

There were days I felt lost and confused, wondering if I should just throw in the towel.

As I built my business, I learned from my mistakes—and successes. After 25 years in this field, now running a kick-ass 6-figure practice, I want to show others how to do it.

Whether you are just considering starting a private practice or you want to scale to 6-figures, I've built The Practice Companion to be your partner on this journey.

Some people prefer to DIY it while others thrive on having a cheerleader and accountability partner. I want to meet you where you are and help you get where you've dreamed of. I won't sugar-coat things; I will give you clear, concise direction and give you that nudge (or push) you need.

spending hours on google, facebook groups or email lists to find out how to run your practice is a huge mistake

...when you rely on information that is unconfirmed and unvetted, you are setting yourself up for costly mistakes.

Alison has helped countless therapists who committed to investing in themselves.


Hear from therapists who opted for Practice Companionship.

Learn how to increase your fees without losing clients and bill at rates that match your experience and skillset

Grab my Guide to Increasing Your Fees and start earning more money in your practice today!

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